If you need to know your location on the lake, simply visit Google Maps on your mobile phone. Google Maps can also direct you back to your starting point.

No, Boater’s license not needed to rent boat or Jet Ski. However, you will need a state issued driver’s license.

Yes, Dogs are allowed on our boats.

No, Pulling or towing of any equipment is not allowed. Tubes are available for rent, but no towing allowed.

Yes, Food and drinks are allowed on the boat.

Yes, We charge a refundable $500 deposit for the boat and $300 for the jet ski. If no damage to the equipment deposit will be returned.

Yes, fuel is not included with the rental. The boat will be rented out on full. Whenever you return, any fuel used will be charged at a rate of $6 per gallon.

Yes, We offer insurance. The cost is $50 per rental period for the boat. The cost is $25 per rental period for the jet ski.

Yes, If you have never driven a boat, we offer a 30 minute beginner class for $75. The class can be added to rental at checkout.

No, Per our insurance, our boats will need to be back at the dock by 7pm.